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Wedding Exit Ideas

Some couples prefer a fake exit so their celebration can last as long as they want while other couples prefer a "fake exit". A fake exit is exactly what it sounds like - you don't really leave. You do this to create that special photo op where your guests line up and shower you with cheers and love. Most bride and grooms prefer an extra "something" for this time.

What can that extra something be? Ohhh the ideas are endless!

Bubbles: fun and non-messy! These actually photograph well! The bottles can be decorated with the couples name on it as a favor to keep.

Sparklers: a couple favorite. photographs beautifully! Make sure to get the LONG sparklers to give the couple enough time to walk through without some going out.

Flower Petals: ask your florist for extra petals for your leave. This goes with your color scheme and is also eco-friendly.

Glow Sticks: lights up the night and is a nice alternative to sparklers and worrying someone might get burned.

Ribbons & Streamers: Attach ribbons to wants and guests wave them as you walk through. Another non messy idea.

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