Behind The Lens

Photo credit KC Photography

I am married to my best friend, Josh. We have two amazing children! If I'm not working you can find me playing Bergens with my kids, dancing to Florence & The Machine, jogging at the gym, eating frosted mini wheats, or watching classic cinema.

I love creating a visual story that is meaningful to you.

I enjoy the thrill and creativity as we style your session around YOUR STORY. 

Life is beautiful, amazing, and a blessing.

I want to capture the moment for you to hold.

Hello there.
I'm Maranda Walsh.

Born.& raised in Harnett County, NC.

Although I have 4 chickens, I wouldn't consider myself a country girl. I dig rock and indie music. I enjoy seeing beauty where others don't tend to. Laughter is the best medicine. I live by "don't judge a book by its cover." Because if you did you would miss out on so much.

Photography stole my heart in high schoolYou'd never see me without a disposable camera. At the age of 18 I purchased my first Nikon. I enjoy EVERY aspect of my career. The session, meeting new clients & seeing returning clients, the edits, the previews, the galleries.I am very thankful and praise God for my business. MWalsh Photography was always a dream for me growing up & I am still in awe that this is my job! 


A few of my favorite things: